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Picking up the pieces after a car accident

Motorists in Connecticut see their fair share of traffic. Whether it is during their commute to work, heading to the Big Apple, dropping the kids off at school or simply running errands, the roadways have a tendency to be filled with a number of motor vehicles. While this is commonplace on roadways across the nation, the reality is that there is no way to know if you are sharing the road with a negligent driver. Whether a driver is texting and driving, speeding or under the influence of alcohol, you are often not aware of these circumstances until it is too late.

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be shocking. In fact, many accident victims find it difficult to navigate the matter, as their main focus is on obtaining the proper medical care to recover from their injuries. At the Pickel Law Firm, LLC, our skilled legal team understands that accident victims do not need to go at this alone. Thus, we are focused on guiding victims in the Stamford area through these matters.

Distracted driving is a major problem in America

Did you know that around nine people are killed every day as a result of distracted driving accidents? Unfortunately, distracted driving is a major part of American culture.

According to statistics from March 2019, 37% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 stated that they were pressured, or at least felt pressured, to respond to work-related texts and emails while driving. Perhaps not surprisingly, parents of young children are the most likely to report being distracted behind the wheel, at 87%.

What are the risks of medical errors in the NICU?

Much faith is placed on medical professionals. Whether a patient is seeing their primary caregiver for a routine check-up or they are seeking medical attention for an illness or injury, patients rely on their knowledge and expertise. In addition to trusting the diagnosis and treatment plan of their doctor, patients also rely on the technology and diagnostic tests used to treat them. However, both medical professionals and their diagnostic tests could make mistakes.

What are the risks of medical errors in the NICU? It is challenging to hear that medical errors can harm even the youngest patients, but medical malpractice does not discriminate. According to current data, multiple-birth infants have a higher risk of medical errors than other babies in the NICU.

Could the proposed wealth tax plan cause more divorces?

There are many reasons to marry; however, there are also many reasons to divorce. Filing for divorce can be a complex decision, and many couples in Connecticut and elsewhere do not fully appreciate how this process will impact them. While dissolution can be the best thing for a couple, some couples may divorce for the wrong reasons.

Could the proposed wealth tax plan cause more divorces? With the Democratic presidential candidates proposing various changes for our nation, this is one proposed change that has many questioning whether they would fare better if they were single. In other words, the wealth tax plan has some wealthy couples questioning if a divorce would make sense in order to save money.

How can an attorney help with a personal injury claim?

You're just starting to feel better after your accident when you begin to realize just how much paperwork you need to complete. From filing an insurance claim to cooperating with law enforcement, there's not much time to rest (even though that's exactly what you need).

Fortunately, when you bring a personal injury attorney into the fold, you don't have to personally manage the finer details of your claim.

Helping you resolve family law matters

Working through a family law matter is anything but easy. Many emotions are at play when parents in Connecticut must decide child custody and support matters. Even when these issues are established in a court order, they can be revisited when circumstances change. While this can be handled smoothly in some situations, others can lead to disputes. Thus, it is important to understand how parents can best handle these matters to reach an amicable resolution.

There is no one way to work through family law matters, and the attorneys at The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, understand this. We understand that these are often emotional and delicate situations, which is why our law firm is prepared to assess the details of the matter, helping our clients in the Stamford area navigate the process.

Keep your kiddos safe this Halloween

With Halloween upon us once again, Stamford parents will be looking for ways to ensure that their children have an enjoyable but safe experience on this autumn holiday. While some parents seek out alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating activities, there is no doubt that many kids will be dressing up and heading out to beg their neighbors for sweet treats.

According to statistics, kids face twice the risk of being struck and injured by motorists on Halloween than on any other day. Two years ago, October came in second for the most deaths from motor vehicle accidents. July had 3,830 and October had 3,700 that year. Read on to learn how you can keep your children safer when trick-or-treating.

Are medical errors really the third leading cause of death?

As many residents in Connecticut are aware, there is ongoing research that focuses on the leading causes of death in the United States. And with these results, the nation was shocked that medical errors was listed as the third leading cause.

Over three years later, many are convinced that the rate of fatal medical errors is so high that it follows heat disease and cancer. However, when the data is examined further, it is understood that the rate of fatal medical mistakes is much lower.

Helping patients take action after a medical error

Individuals in Connecticut require medical care in a variety of situations. Whether it is a routine visit, an illness or due to an injury, medical professionals are relied on to diagnose and treat patients. But doctors are human, and are thus subject to human errors. Mistakes can happen in the medical field, which could result in harms suffered by the patient.

Whether one is going to yearly check-up, seeing a specialist due to an ailment, are suddenly injured because of an accident or is about to undergo surgery, a patient is under the impression that the medical professional treating them will meet a certain level of care based on their knowledge and expertise. Thus, it can be a very shocking and overwhelming experience what a medical error occurs, seriously injuring a patient.

Safety tips for children who ride bikes to school

Now that school is once again in session in Stamford, it's important to review some safety rules for kids who ride their bikes to school in the pleasant fall weather.

Riding a bicycle to school is a good way for your child to get exercise if your home is within biking distance of their school. It can also be helpful if they plan to participate in sports or other extracurricular after-school activities that would cause them otherwise to miss their bus ride home. But since biking to and from school can be risky, keep the below safety suggestions in mind.

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