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High-asset divorce of Amazon CEO has been finalized

When a wealthy couple decides to divorce it can capture the attention of the entire nation. People in Connecticut may have been closely following the high-asset divorce of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. According to reports, his divorce has been finalized, but neither party is walking away from the proceedings impoverished.

In fact, the exact opposite is the case. In the divorce, MacKenzie Bezos is to receive $38.3 billion in stock of the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon. Jeff Bezos will retain $114.8 billion in Amazon stock, and MacKenzie Bezos has stated that she has allowed Jeff Bezos to have voting control of her shares in the company. Surprisingly, despite the divorce, Jeff Bezos is still the wealthiest person in the world.

Car accidents may cause hidden, harmful injuries

After experiencing a car accident, you may have many issues to address, each fighting to be the first priority. Yes, it is important to gather evidence from the accident scene in Connecticut and get insurance information from the other drivers involved. It is also important to contact your family and employer if the accident affects your work or home obligations. However, the most important thing to do after a car accident is to receive a complete medical examination from a medical professional. If you put this off, you may suffer unnecessary long-term consequences, and may even die.

Car accidents often cause injuries that are not obvious or visible at first. These may include head injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal injuries, or damage to internal organs or the circulatory system. A full medical examination immediately following the accident may help your doctor identify injuries you cannot see or feel yet, before they have the opportunity to cause you further harm.

The child custody process may bring up many questions for parents

"Co-parenting" is a term often coined when a child's parents are making decisions about their well-being from separate households. It is possible to co-parent efficiently and with the best interests of the child in mind. A child custody agreement can help to make this possible. There are a few things to consider when you are going through the custody process for the first time.

Not everyone going through a child custody process is getting divorced. Some parents were never married. Many parents have concerns about how co-parenting, custody and decisions will be made for the child. Others want to be sure that the child has a smooth transition into a new child custody agreement. Whatever issue is your top concern, the hope is that it can be addressed adequately and swiftly during the child custody process.

How many people are actually texting and driving?

Distracted driving is dangerous, and yet people still do it. People are almost universally aware of how dangerous is to text at the wheel. According to a survey by a mobile phone company, 98% of the drivers polled agreed that driving and texting at the same time was a recipe for danger.

However, that doesn't mean that 98% of people driving have chosen not to text at the wheel. That very same survey showed that a frightening number of individuals are still choosing to text while they drive. Although the study in question is a few years old, it is a startling wake-up call for most people.

We guide through the process of high-asset divorce

It goes without saying that the decision to divorce is a big one. Beyond separating your life from the person you have been married to, this change can impact every facet of your life. Everything from where you live, to how your children spend their time to the financial aspects, divorce is decision that can change just about any way you live your life. However, that's not to mean that these can't be positive changes.

The key is to have a divorce settlement that works for you and considers your perspective, needs and situation while considering a 'fair and equitable' division of assets. Many people aren't sure where to start when it comes to their high-asset divorce. A great launch point is to determine your and your spouse's financial situation. This means determining the exact amounts of assets and liabilities under your possession.

Car versus pedestrian: Who has the right of way?

As you're driving through Stamford, you encounter a pedestrian about to step off the curb into the street. Of course, you don't want to hit them, but you're curious. Under Connecticut law, who has the right-of-way in these situations?

The law in Connecticut is very specific in that it states, "It does not give anyone the right-of-way." Instead, it provides clear instructions on who must yield the right-of-way in specific scenarios. The overriding concern is that motorists must do all that they can to avoid collisions, both with other drivers as well as pedestrians.

TBIs are a common personal injury in the United States

Sometimes we accidentally bump our head on something. Oftentimes these injuries are minor, causing soreness and a goose egg, but not much else. However, there are incidents in which a blow to the head is a serious injury. Car crashes, sporting accidents and slip-and-fall accidents could all result in a traumatic brain injury that could change the trajectory of a person's life for the long-run.

As some Stamford residents may already know, TBIs are not that uncommon. According to one report, from 2010 to 2015 the number of TBI diagnoses rose 43 percent. It is also reported that each year approximately 2.5 million individuals in the nation suffer a TBI. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TBIs are a factor in nearly one-third of all injury deaths in the nation.

What can I include in my prenup under Connecticut law?

Many people these days wait until their career is firmly established before getting married. Other people are entering their second or subsequent marriage later in life. And, some people who are looking to walk down the aisle already have a significant amount of wealth in their name. In any of these scenarios, it may be prudent for these couples to execute a prenuptial agreement -- known as a premarital agreement in Connecticut -- to protect their interests in the event of a high-asset divorce.

Connecticut law lists the various topics that can be included in a prenup. As many people already know, a prenup can dictate which spouse is to receive which assets in the event of a divorce. However, a prenup can also outline the rights and obligations each party has to any assets they own, whether these are separate assets or marital assets. In addition, a prenup can include provisions regarding which spouse has the right to manage and control separate and marital assets.

Spring safety checklist for motorcyclists

Spring comes later to New England than it does to many other regions of the country. That's one reason why motorcycle enthusiasts are usually chomping at the bit to get in that first spring ride.

But don't put the cart before the horse. Before setting out on your first ride on Connecticut's roads, make sure that your bike is ready to take a safe ride.

Can you move out of Connecticut with your child post-divorce?

When parents in Connecticut divorce, they will establish a child custody and visitation plan, with the aim of allowing the child to spend meaningful time with each parent. However, life is ever-changing and sometimes a custodial parent will want to move away with the child. For example, the custodial parent may get a better job in another area of Connecticut or even out-of-state. Or, the custodial parent might want to relocate to be closer to family. It is important to understand what is required of parents who want to relocate with their child.

If either parent wishes to relocate with their child post-divorce in a way that would significantly affect their current parenting plan, the parent wishing to relocate has the burden to prove the following. First, the relocation must have a legitimate purpose. Second, the location being proposed for the move must be reasonable given the proposed legitimate purpose. Finally, the move must be in the child's best interests.

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