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5 tips for a safe winter bike commute

You already know the benefits of commuting to work by bike—a healthy way to start and end the day, reducing your carbon footprint and no worries about traffic or parking. Perhaps you have been commuting to work by bike all summer and fall, and now you are thinking of keeping it up this winter. Don’t let our New England winters scare you off. Winter biking can be safe and rewarding with these five tips:

1. Use the right gear. You don’t have to invest in a lot of new stuff, but be sure you have the following items to commute safely and comfortably:

    • Reflective gear. Remember that days are shorter in the winter and you may be commuting in the dawn or dusk, or even complete dark. Add reflective tape to your helmet (an absolute must), jacket, pedals and anywhere else you like.
    • Lights. Make sure you have a good headlight and taillight, even if it is not completely dark.
    • Layers. The key to staying warm is a good base layer, followed by comfortable clothing and warm socks and gloves.
    • Fenders. Fenders help cut down on the dirt and salt that will get onto you and your bike.
    • Emergency equipment. Bring your basic tools for a quick tire change or minor road repair.

ODU Player's Brother Paralyzed In Auto Accident

Old Dominion tackle DJ Morrell is excited that his brother will get to see him play college football for the first time. Brian was paralyzed in a car accident, so the Make-A-Wish foundation is stepping in to make the trip from Norwalk, Connecticut to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania possible.

Top Five Biggest Drug Recalls

In 1961, the drug Thalidomide prompted Congress to create the Kefauver-Harris Drug Amendments after 10,000 to 20,000 were affected by birth defects caused by the drug. Congress gave authority to the FDA to oversee the pharmaceutical industry and required companies to prove their products were safe for use.

Alex Rodriguez Sues Yankees Team Doctor For Malpractice

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez filed a lawsuit this October alleging malpractice on the part of the team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad and an NYC hospital. The lawsuit says Rodriguez was not informed of a hip injury revealed by an October 2012 MRI, leading him to further injure himself and also suffer "sustained great pain, agony, injury, suffering, disability, hospitalization, as well as mental anguish and emotional distress." The lawsuits follow a 211-game suspension for alleged violations by Rodriguez of the MLB drug agreement and labor contract.

Distracted Driving Among Teens

Amateur male drivers who have other teens in the car have the highest chances of getting into an accident -- whether as a result from a phone, friends, the radio or something else. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among U.S. teens, and the amount of in-car distractions is driving that number up. So, how can you make sure your teen isn't at a higher accident risk? Make sure they know about distracted driving and the consequences.

Connecticut YMCA Camp Sued After Camper Contracts Lyme Disease

Camp Mohawk in Litchfield, Conn., is being sued after a 14-year-old girl contracted Lyme disease at the YMCA-run camp. Ticks at the camp bit Ariana Sierzputowski, who was 14 at the time, in 2011. According to the lawsuit, the girl repeatedly visited the camp nurse and complained of a variety of symptoms consistent with Lyme disease. She now suffers a variety of injuries, including memory loss and migratory joint, muscle and nerve pain, burning sensations in her skin, arthritis, muscle spasms, nausea, dizziness and difficulty breathing, according to the family's attorney.  

Connecticut Teen Dies After Fatal Car Accident

There has not been given any cause for the late September accident that claimed the life of one West Haven, Conn., teen and injured three others. Police officers say the teens were headed to the mall where the driver, 18-year-old AJ Cedillo, had a job interview. Cedillo lost control of his Subaru and hit a utility pole on Indian River Road in Orange.  

The New Street Hazard: Distracted Walking

People who would never think of chatting on the phone or texting while driving don't think twice about engaging in those behaviors while walking. While it's not dangerous in your neighborhood, or maybe even on a park trail, distracted walking in becoming a new danger on busy city sidewalks.

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