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Are medical errors really the third leading cause of death?

As many residents in Connecticut are aware, there is ongoing research that focuses on the leading causes of death in the United States. And with these results, the nation was shocked that medical errors was listed as the third leading cause.

Over three years later, many are convinced that the rate of fatal medical errors is so high that it follows heat disease and cancer. However, when the data is examined further, it is understood that the rate of fatal medical mistakes is much lower.

Helping patients take action after a medical error

Individuals in Connecticut require medical care in a variety of situations. Whether it is a routine visit, an illness or due to an injury, medical professionals are relied on to diagnose and treat patients. But doctors are human, and are thus subject to human errors. Mistakes can happen in the medical field, which could result in harms suffered by the patient.

Whether one is going to yearly check-up, seeing a specialist due to an ailment, are suddenly injured because of an accident or is about to undergo surgery, a patient is under the impression that the medical professional treating them will meet a certain level of care based on their knowledge and expertise. Thus, it can be a very shocking and overwhelming experience what a medical error occurs, seriously injuring a patient.

Safety tips for children who ride bikes to school

Now that school is once again in session in Stamford, it's important to review some safety rules for kids who ride their bikes to school in the pleasant fall weather.

Riding a bicycle to school is a good way for your child to get exercise if your home is within biking distance of their school. It can also be helpful if they plan to participate in sports or other extracurricular after-school activities that would cause them otherwise to miss their bus ride home. But since biking to and from school can be risky, keep the below safety suggestions in mind.

Diagnostic errors are a common form of medical malpractice

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine found that, according to one study, diagnostic errors were the most common medical mistakes physicians made, in addition to being the most serious type of medical mistake a physician could make. The study revealed that while it is not known exactly how many patients experience a diagnostic error, every year 40,000 to 80,000 patients die in hospitals in the U.S., including hospitals in Connecticut, and that some of these deaths may be attributable to misdiagnoses.

Three main types of diagnostic errors accounted for almost 75% of all incidents of "serious harm" studied. They were infections, cancers and vascular events. These conditions have been referred to as the "big three." More than one-third of misdiagnosis that ended in permanent disability or a fatality were due to cancer. 22% of misdiagnosis were related to vascular issues. 13.5% of misdiagnosis were related to infections.

Truckers must follow hours-of-service rules

Drowsy driving is a major concern on Connecticut roads, especially among truckers. This is because a fully-loaded semi-truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. If a trucker falls asleep behind the wheel and collides with another vehicle, the sheer physics of the situation often means that the occupants of the other vehicle can be seriously injured or even killed. It is for this reason that the federal government has "hours-of-service" rules that limit how long a trucker can be on-duty before having to take a rest break.

First, truckers can only drive up to 11 hours after having taken 10 consecutive hours off-duty before they must take a rest break. In addition, truckers may not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour on-duty following 10 consecutive hours off-duty. On-duty times include times the trucker is performing job duties such as loading and unloading, in addition to driving.

What to do about transportation while your car is being repaired

After you get injured in a wreck caused by another negligent driver, you may wonder how you will manage in the days and weeks following the impact. After all, your car may have taken an even harder hit than you did.

If it is repairable at all, it may take a mechanic and/or body shop an extended period of time to get your vehicle repaired, restored, re-painted and back on the road again. What will you drive in the meantime?

Pedestrians face higher risks than riders in accidents

Many Connecticut residents use walking as their primary mode of transportation. They might order Uber or Lyft and enjoy cycling, but their preference for getting from point A to point B is to walk.

It's no surprise that pedestrians face higher risks of being killed in auto wrecks than the motorists and passengers in the cars that hit them.

Can hospitals be held liable in medical malpractice claims?

When people in Stamford seek treatment for a medical condition, they trust that the medical professionals caring for them know what they are doing. However, preventable medical mistakes are all too common. When a person is the victim of a medical mistake that causes a worsened condition or other harm, they may wish to pursue a medical malpractice claim. However, it is important that the correct defendants are identified when filing such an action. The following are some situations in which the hospital could be named as a defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

It may be possible to name the hospital as a defendant if the hospital was negligent. Hospitals have a duty to hire medical staff members that have the appropriate education, training and licensing. If a hospital does not make reasonable inquiries during the hiring process and hires a health care professional who is inadequately educated, trained or does not have the appropriate license, the hospital may be held responsible through "corporate negligence," which in the case of medical malpractice means negligent supervision or retention. The same can be said if a hospital is understaffed, if workers are poorly supervised or if patients were improperly discharged.

High-asset divorce of Amazon CEO has been finalized

When a wealthy couple decides to divorce it can capture the attention of the entire nation. People in Connecticut may have been closely following the high-asset divorce of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. According to reports, his divorce has been finalized, but neither party is walking away from the proceedings impoverished.

In fact, the exact opposite is the case. In the divorce, MacKenzie Bezos is to receive $38.3 billion in stock of the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon. Jeff Bezos will retain $114.8 billion in Amazon stock, and MacKenzie Bezos has stated that she has allowed Jeff Bezos to have voting control of her shares in the company. Surprisingly, despite the divorce, Jeff Bezos is still the wealthiest person in the world.

Car accidents may cause hidden, harmful injuries

After experiencing a car accident, you may have many issues to address, each fighting to be the first priority. Yes, it is important to gather evidence from the accident scene in Connecticut and get insurance information from the other drivers involved. It is also important to contact your family and employer if the accident affects your work or home obligations. However, the most important thing to do after a car accident is to receive a complete medical examination from a medical professional. If you put this off, you may suffer unnecessary long-term consequences, and may even die.

Car accidents often cause injuries that are not obvious or visible at first. These may include head injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal injuries, or damage to internal organs or the circulatory system. A full medical examination immediately following the accident may help your doctor identify injuries you cannot see or feel yet, before they have the opportunity to cause you further harm.

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