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Force insurance companies to pay for your car rental

Accidents are always a hassle, but it's even worse when another motorist's poor driving leaves your car too badly damaged to drive. When that happens, drivers may be forced to pay for a rental car out of their own pockets unless the other driver's insurance company agrees to provide one.

The problem is that insurance companies want to pay out the least possible amount of money for each claim for damages. If they can avoid paying for your rental car, they will. So what's the best course of action to take?

How can Connecticut parents modify a holiday parenting plan?

The winter holidays are here, and it is a time of celebration for many Connecticut parents and children. However, if a child's parents are divorced, navigating the holidays can be challenging. Thus, it might be a good time to blow the dust off your parenting plan and review it, ensuring it still meets your needs as your co-parent with your ex this holiday season.

For example, parenting plans will generally lay out who the child will spend which holiday with whom and when. It is important for parents to consult their parenting plan well before planning any holiday celebrations. That way, they can ensure that there won't be any conflicts with their ex regarding the holidays. If upon review a parent believes the holiday schedule should be modified, then they can try to settle the matter with their ex out-of-court.

Medical malpractice is still a serious issue

Exit polls conducted by several major news outlets following the recent November 6th election revealed that 40 percent of respondents stated the issue in our nation most important to them was health care. For some in Connecticut, this may be because medical mistakes are occurring at an alarming rate. In fact, medical mistakes are the third most common cause of death in the United States. One 2016 study found that over 250,000 people annually are killed due to a preventable medical mistake.

Even medical professionals are recognizing that medical malpractice is a serious issue in our nation. One study published in the journal Health Affairs, revealed that 35 percent of nurses saw their workplaces as unfavorable with regards to the safety of patients. One significant issue with regards to medical errors is diagnostic mistakes. According to researchers, as many as 12 million people annually are subjected to a diagnostic mistake, and one-third of these individuals will suffer serious harm due to the mistake.

Important information to gather after an accident

With winter just around the corner, the roads are already getting icy and even more dangerous. Icy and snowy conditions significantly increase the chance of a car accident, causing an average of more than 4,000 accidents combined each year.

Higher risk of an accident does not mean you will be involved in one. However, it is still important to know the basic information you should gather after an accident.

5 steps to take at the scene of an auto accident

If you are in an auto accident, you may be shaken up or even injured. If you have an injury, of course seeking medical help will be your first priority. If you are well enough to stay at the scene of the accident, however, Connecticut law requires you to stay and exchange information with other drivers.  Here are five steps to take at the scene of the accident:

Be aware of the drowsy driving risks of the time change

This weekend is the annual end of daylight saving time. So, the clocks will be getting set back an hour. Many get excited about one of the things this brings with it: An extra hour of sleep.

However, in the midst of the excitement over the chance to get some extra sleep, it is important for individuals here in Connecticut to also be aware of one of the risks that can come with the end of daylight saving time. This is an increased risk for drowsy driving.

5 tips for a safe winter bike commute

You already know the benefits of commuting to work by bike—a healthy way to start and end the day, reducing your carbon footprint and no worries about traffic or parking. Perhaps you have been commuting to work by bike all summer and fall, and now you are thinking of keeping it up this winter. Don’t let our New England winters scare you off. Winter biking can be safe and rewarding with these five tips:

1. Use the right gear. You don’t have to invest in a lot of new stuff, but be sure you have the following items to commute safely and comfortably:

    • Reflective gear. Remember that days are shorter in the winter and you may be commuting in the dawn or dusk, or even complete dark. Add reflective tape to your helmet (an absolute must), jacket, pedals and anywhere else you like.
    • Lights. Make sure you have a good headlight and taillight, even if it is not completely dark.
    • Layers. The key to staying warm is a good base layer, followed by comfortable clothing and warm socks and gloves.
    • Fenders. Fenders help cut down on the dirt and salt that will get onto you and your bike.
    • Emergency equipment. Bring your basic tools for a quick tire change or minor road repair.

ODU Player's Brother Paralyzed In Auto Accident

Old Dominion tackle DJ Morrell is excited that his brother will get to see him play college football for the first time. Brian was paralyzed in a car accident, so the Make-A-Wish foundation is stepping in to make the trip from Norwalk, Connecticut to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania possible.

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