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Errors in medical records could lead to medical malpractice

It is not unheard of for physicians to make mistakes when treating patients in Connecticut or elsewhere in the nation. According to a Johns Hopkins study, each year approximately 250,000 individuals in the United States lose their lives because of a medical mistake. Some of these mistakes can be found in a person's health records. In fact, according to one researcher, around 70 percent of medical records contain incorrect information. Mistakes can be made when copying and pasting information on electronic medical records, when a physician makes a typo or when a physician mishears something. Mistaken identity could also lead to the wrong information being included in a person's medical records.

Some people may believe that such errors do not necessarily cause too much harm. Unfortunately, if a mistake in one's medical records leads to a medication error, an allergic reaction or a misdiagnosis, a person can suffer a worsened condition. In the worst cases, a person could die due to an error in their medical records.

Identifying the liable parties after a truck accident

Surviving a truck accident is always a harrowing experience, even if you do not sustain any serious injuries. Of course, those who suffer serious injuries face a long road to recovery.

Not only may you have mounting medical bills from your injuries, you probably have significant property damage to account for, and you may even be losing income if you are unable to work. For many truck accident victims, losing so much in such a short period of time is devastating, and some simply do not know how to keep all of the plates spinning while they wait for fair compensation for their losses.

6 pieces of information to gather at the scene of an accident

When you get into an accident with another driver, the commotion of the crash can be disturbing, and it may be difficult to remember to gather important information. Most drivers will remember to ask for things like the other driver’s name and insurance information, but there are other things that will be helpful to gather at the scene of the accident that may not be at the top of your mind.


How to drive safely in snow and rain this winter

Drivers in Connecticut must prepare for a lot of different road conditions. This is particularly true during the winter months, as snow, rain and ice often make driving dangerous on certain roads.

However, there are some things you can do to increase the chances of a safe trip on snowy or rainy roads.

Brain injury victims may want to pursue personal injury claims

A traumatic brain injury takes place when a person suffers a serious hit or jolt to the head. It can cause bruising of the brain, tear brain tissue, cause bleeding and more. Many people in Connecticut suffer TBIs annually. For example, a person could suffer a TBI if they slip on a wet floor, striking their head on the floor's surface. Car accidents are also a common cause of TBIs. In addition, a person could suffer a TBI while playing a sport. Therefore, it is important to understand how a serious TBI affects a person's health and quality of life.

A person with a severe TBI might pass out. They could have a bad headache that gets worse over time. They may vomit or even have seizures. Their extremities may be weak or numb, and their coordination could be poor. They may be extremely confused, and they may slur their speech. Finally, their behavior may be agitated, combative or in some other way unusual.

What happens to a family business in a high-asset divorce?

Some married couples in Stamford choose to establish a business together as co-owners. While their entrepreneurial spirit might make their business a success, some may find that their marriage isn't as strong. When a couple co-owns a business, and decides to divorce, they will have to decide what to do with their business moving forward.

First, it is important to understand that when it comes to asset division in a divorce, Connecticut is an "equitable distribution" state. This means that marital property will be divided in a manner that is fair, even if it doesn't result in an exact 50/50 split. If a couple forms a business together while married, then that business might be considered marital property, and if so, will be subject to division.

Force insurance companies to pay for your car rental

Accidents are always a hassle, but it's even worse when another motorist's poor driving leaves your car too badly damaged to drive. When that happens, drivers may be forced to pay for a rental car out of their own pockets unless the other driver's insurance company agrees to provide one.

The problem is that insurance companies want to pay out the least possible amount of money for each claim for damages. If they can avoid paying for your rental car, they will. So what's the best course of action to take?

How can Connecticut parents modify a holiday parenting plan?

The winter holidays are here, and it is a time of celebration for many Connecticut parents and children. However, if a child's parents are divorced, navigating the holidays can be challenging. Thus, it might be a good time to blow the dust off your parenting plan and review it, ensuring it still meets your needs as your co-parent with your ex this holiday season.

For example, parenting plans will generally lay out who the child will spend which holiday with whom and when. It is important for parents to consult their parenting plan well before planning any holiday celebrations. That way, they can ensure that there won't be any conflicts with their ex regarding the holidays. If upon review a parent believes the holiday schedule should be modified, then they can try to settle the matter with their ex out-of-court.

Medical malpractice is still a serious issue

Exit polls conducted by several major news outlets following the recent November 6th election revealed that 40 percent of respondents stated the issue in our nation most important to them was health care. For some in Connecticut, this may be because medical mistakes are occurring at an alarming rate. In fact, medical mistakes are the third most common cause of death in the United States. One 2016 study found that over 250,000 people annually are killed due to a preventable medical mistake.

Even medical professionals are recognizing that medical malpractice is a serious issue in our nation. One study published in the journal Health Affairs, revealed that 35 percent of nurses saw their workplaces as unfavorable with regards to the safety of patients. One significant issue with regards to medical errors is diagnostic mistakes. According to researchers, as many as 12 million people annually are subjected to a diagnostic mistake, and one-third of these individuals will suffer serious harm due to the mistake.

Important information to gather after an accident

With winter just around the corner, the roads are already getting icy and even more dangerous. Icy and snowy conditions significantly increase the chance of a car accident, causing an average of more than 4,000 accidents combined each year.

Higher risk of an accident does not mean you will be involved in one. However, it is still important to know the basic information you should gather after an accident.

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