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TBIs are a common personal injury in the United States

Sometimes we accidentally bump our head on something. Oftentimes these injuries are minor, causing soreness and a goose egg, but not much else. However, there are incidents in which a blow to the head is a serious injury. Car crashes, sporting accidents and slip-and-fall accidents could all result in a traumatic brain injury that could change the trajectory of a person's life for the long-run.

What can I include in my prenup under Connecticut law?

Many people these days wait until their career is firmly established before getting married. Other people are entering their second or subsequent marriage later in life. And, some people who are looking to walk down the aisle already have a significant amount of wealth in their name. In any of these scenarios, it may be prudent for these couples to execute a prenuptial agreement -- known as a premarital agreement in Connecticut -- to protect their interests in the event of a high-asset divorce.

Can you move out of Connecticut with your child post-divorce?

When parents in Connecticut divorce, they will establish a child custody and visitation plan, with the aim of allowing the child to spend meaningful time with each parent. However, life is ever-changing and sometimes a custodial parent will want to move away with the child. For example, the custodial parent may get a better job in another area of Connecticut or even out-of-state. Or, the custodial parent might want to relocate to be closer to family. It is important to understand what is required of parents who want to relocate with their child.

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