As many residents in Connecticut are aware, there is ongoing research that focuses on the leading causes of death in the United States. And with these results, the nation was shocked that medical errors was listed as the third leading cause.

Over three years later, many are convinced that the rate of fatal medical errors is so high that it follows heat disease and cancer. However, when the data is examined further, it is understood that the rate of fatal medical mistakes is much lower.

Are medical errors really the third leading cause of death? It was estimated that around 250,000 to 400,000 deaths per year were due to medical errors. This would translate to 9% to 15% of all deaths being due to medical errors. This is a significant number.

Looking at it another way, there are roughly 715,000 hospital deaths each year. If the above figures were accurate, this would mean that medical errors caused 35% to 56% of these deaths. These numbers do not makes sense, as a third to half of all hospital deaths each year are not due to medical errors. And if this were accurate, this would mean that fatal medical errors occur at a rate that is five to ten times greater than that of fatal automobile collisions.

Nonetheless, the rate of fatal medical errors is a concern, despite it not being the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Patient rely on and trust medical professionals, and when they are negligent, this could cause significant harm or even the death of a patient.

The aftermath of a medical error can be serious and significant. If one survives the negligence of a medical professional, the patient is likely to endure much harm and damages. This could be addressed in a medical malpractice action. This legal suit seeks to hold a negligent party accountable while also helping an injured patient recover compensation for losses. And for those who lost a loved one because of a fatal medical error, this civil suit can assist them recover damages as well.