Safety tips for children who ride bikes to school

Now that school is once again in session in Stamford, it’s important to review some safety rules for kids who ride their bikes to school in the pleasant fall weather.

Riding a bicycle to school is a good way for your child to get exercise if your home is within biking distance of their school. It can also be helpful if they plan to participate in sports or other extracurricular after-school activities that would cause them otherwise to miss their bus ride home. But since biking to and from school can be risky, keep the below safety suggestions in mind.

Insist your child wears a helmet

Your child could suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) if they fall off the bike or get hit by a car. While they could still face injuries, a properly fitted bicycle helmet provides at least a modicum of protection for them.

Ride with a group

There’s safety in numbers. Encourage your child to find a neighborhood riding buddy on they days they bike to school.

Anticipate problems

If your child wants to bike to class, make sure that they fully understand stranger danger, what to do if they get a flat and what to do if there is an unexpected road closure.

Teach them basic traffic rules

If they want to bike to school, they should first establish that they know how to abide by basic traffic rules. This includes stopping at red lights and stop signs, respecting cross walks and walking their bike through busy intersections.

Locking and storing their bike

Determine what the school’s policy is for kids who bike to class. Then, make sure that your child scrupulously follows the rules, including where to stow their bike and helmet during class.

If your child gets injured

Riding a bike to school can increase your child’s risk of being struck by a car. As their parent, you must do all that you can if they get injured to insure that they get the medical care they need to recuperate and fully heal.

That might include taking legal action against the motorist who hit them. The first step is filing a claim for damages against the at-fault driver. But you must be prepared to follow through with filing a personal injury lawsuit should that driver’s insurance company not want to honor the claim. A Stamford personal injury attorney can provide guidance and direction if necessary.