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October 2019 Archives

What are the risks of medical errors in the NICU?

Much faith is placed on medical professionals. Whether a patient is seeing their primary caregiver for a routine check-up or they are seeking medical attention for an illness or injury, patients rely on their knowledge and expertise. In addition to trusting the diagnosis and treatment plan of their doctor, patients also rely on the technology and diagnostic tests used to treat them. However, both medical professionals and their diagnostic tests could make mistakes.

Could the proposed wealth tax plan cause more divorces?

There are many reasons to marry; however, there are also many reasons to divorce. Filing for divorce can be a complex decision, and many couples in Connecticut and elsewhere do not fully appreciate how this process will impact them. While dissolution can be the best thing for a couple, some couples may divorce for the wrong reasons.

Helping you resolve family law matters

Working through a family law matter is anything but easy. Many emotions are at play when parents in Connecticut must decide child custody and support matters. Even when these issues are established in a court order, they can be revisited when circumstances change. While this can be handled smoothly in some situations, others can lead to disputes. Thus, it is important to understand how parents can best handle these matters to reach an amicable resolution.

Keep your kiddos safe this Halloween

With Halloween upon us once again, Stamford parents will be looking for ways to ensure that their children have an enjoyable but safe experience on this autumn holiday. While some parents seek out alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating activities, there is no doubt that many kids will be dressing up and heading out to beg their neighbors for sweet treats.

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