Picking up the pieces after a car accident

Motorists in Connecticut see their fair share of traffic. Whether it is during their commute to work, heading to the Big Apple, dropping the kids off at school or simply running errands, the roadways have a tendency to be filled with a number of motor vehicles. While this is commonplace on roadways across the nation, the reality is that there is no way to know if you are sharing the road with a negligent driver. Whether a driver is texting and driving, speeding or under the influence of alcohol, you are often not aware of these circumstances until it is too late.

The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be shocking. In fact, many accident victims find it difficult to navigate the matter, as their main focus is on obtaining the proper medical care to recover from their injuries. At the Pickel Law Firm, LLC, our skilled legal team understands that accident victims do not need to go at this alone. Thus, we are focused on guiding victims in the Stamford area through these matters.

Our law firm understands that insurance companies do not often treat accident victims fairly. In other words, the settlement offer they put on the table may seem appealing at first, but the reality is that this amount is unlikely to address all the losses suffered in the crash. This is where our attorneys can step in. Our goal is to make our clients whole again, and this begins by collecting evidence to prove the other driver’s liability in the crash and assessing the totality of the losses and damages suffered by our client.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s website. A collision can lead to many unexpected losses and damages. Thus, it is important for accident victims to explore their rights and options, such as a personal injury action. This legal recourse can help hold a negligent driver accountable while also assisting with the recovery of compensation to address losses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost wages and other related damages.