The most common threats to cyclists

Bicyclists traveling at 30 mph go 44 feet per second. This provides little reaction time to common dangers from a reckless or negligent motorist. These typical accidents may be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.

The right hook is a common accident. This occurs when a driver passes a bicyclist on the left and turns in front of the bicyclist’s direction of travel. This occurs because drivers believe that bicyclists are moving slowly while many of them are moving close to the speed of traffic.

The left cross takes place more frequently and is even more dangerous. This occurs when a driver does not see a bicyclist when taking a left-hand turn and collides with the cyclist at an unsafe closing speed.

Getting doored involves simple inattention from the motorist. This occurs when a driver does not check for traffic and opens their car door into the bicyclist’s path. Connecticut, unfortunately, is one of the few states where dooring is not a traffic offense. Bicyclists can avoid dooring by not riding close to parked vehicles.

When exiting a driveway into a traffic lane, motorists are looking for other vehicles but not for bicyclists. This may lead to driveway exit collisions, which are common. Routes with several parking lots have these accidents with more frequency.

Being rear ended by a following vehicle occurs less frequently. But being struck by a following vehicle is of the most frightening accidents because bicyclists cannot anticipate this and take evasive action.

Dealing with the consequences of these actions can be intimidating and complex. Bicyclists may incur costly medical expenses and other costs because of the lack of protection against other vehicles. An attorney can help pursue compensation and damages against a negligent or reckless driver.