Initiative hopes to reduce pedestrian-auto accidents in Stamford

Pedestrians are at constant risk of injuries and fatalities in auto accidents in Stanford and throughout Connecticut. Because drivers are so frequently distracted, drive under the influence and are negligent, pedestrians are in jeopardy. Legislators take steps to improve the landscape for pedestrians to be safe, but that may only have a limited impact to avoid crashes. Regardless of the strategies to enhance safety, it is an unfortunate reality that people will be hit by automobiles and suffer injuries and fatalities. Knowing what steps to take in the aftermath is imperative.

Area in Stamford the site of pedestrian safety initiative

Some streets are riskier than others and a pedestrian safety project in downtown Stanford is set to get underway. There have been several such collisions around Summer Street in recent years. Four intersections are to be part of the project. Statistically, these locations have been hotbeds for accidents. From 2015 to 2017, there were 85 crashes with 13 pedestrians being hit. On average, Stamford sees around 400 auto accidents each month.

Other steps being taken in addition to the safety project

Law enforcement is tasked with ensuring drivers adhere to the law. That includes watching for speeders, checking for drivers who are using a device when behind the wheel, and enforcing other laws to dissuade drivers from behaving recklessly. The project will give greater space to pedestrians on the corners of the intersections, place reflective plastic to make it easier to see, and have signs to tell drivers to be vigilant of people crossing. An interval system will give pedestrians more time to cross before the traffic light turns green. This safety plan will not be completed until the end of 2020. In that time, there will likely be accidents.

Pedestrians are vulnerable to injury and death

A crash between two motor vehicles at least gives some protection to drivers and passengers. Pedestrians are not accorded that shield. Being hit by a motor vehicle when walking, jogging or riding a bicycle can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. Broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord damage and more can come about and lead to a long hospital stay, medical expenses, lost income from the inability to work and a litany of challenges. Elderly people and children are particularly vulnerable.

After a pedestrian accident, seeking compensation may be necessary. Insurance companies tend to try and make a low offer to avoid a legal filing. That offer is rarely sufficient to cover for all that was lost. Those who have been hit or lost a loved one should consider their options and discuss a legal filing with experienced professionals who understand motor vehicle accidents.