The ways drivers can help keep motorcyclists safe

There are a variety of ways that drivers can safely share the road with motorcyclists and help keep them safe on the roadways. There are also important personal injury legal protections available to motorcycle accident victims injured by a careless or negligent driver who does not follow safety precautions on the roadways to help keep them safe. Following are some ways to help keep motorcycle riders safe on the roadways.

Increase following distance

To begin with, drivers of passenger and other vehicles should increase their following distance when traveling behind a motorcycle. This is because motorcycles require more time to respond to changing weather, roadway and traffic conditions and may need additional space as they quickly respond to dangers on the roadway.

Allow motorcycles their complete lane of travel

Drivers of passenger and other vehicles should never try to share a lane with a motorcycle. Because they may have to quickly adjust to changing roadway conditions, motorcycles need their full lane of travel.

Remain alert and attentive

Perhaps most importantly, drivers of passenger and other vehicles need to remain alert and attentive for motorcyclists. When a driver error is to blame for a motorcycle accident, it is because the driver failed to observe the motorcycle and violated the motorcyclist’s right of way. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents that are caused by other drivers is because the motorcyclist’s right of way was violated. This can be especially true at intersections. Drivers should always take a second look for motorcycles.

Assistance for injured motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can be especially devastating for motorcycle accident victims who are less protected than drivers and passengers in motor vehicles. For this reason, motorcycle accident victims enjoy legal protections they should be familiar with should a careless or negligent driver injure them in a motorcycle accident.