What are common playground injuries?

Playgrounds are supposed to be a fun space for children to play. However, every year, children suffer injuries on playground equipment.

While some injuries are due to not using equipment properly, many are also due to equipment not being in good shape. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons explains that most injuries happen on home playgrounds, which means that property owners hold liability.

Types of injuries

The most common playground injuries are minor bumps and bruises. However, more severe injuries are also common. These include broken bones, head injuries, sprains, strains and internal injuries. Fatal accidents are also possible, but thankfully they are not as common.

Reasons for injuries

The most common cause of playground injuries is falling. Many pieces of equipment involve a child climbing to a height, which always brings the risk of a fall. If the equipment is not in good shape, it could lead to a fall easily. For example, broken rungs on climbing ladders or weak welds can easily allow a child to plummet to the ground.

Beyond falls, another common injury is a caught between injury. For example, someone going down a slide with someone else could easily get their leg caught as they slide, which leads to dislocation or twisting.

Injuries also often happen when equipment is rusty or has ragged edges. Any disrepair is a danger to children. Not having proper padding or ground cover also poses an injury risk. Any broken area of equipment increases the chances that a child could suffer an injury because it will affect the integrity of the equipment.