Can a traumatic brain injury change your personality?

When Connecticut residents like you get involved in crashes, you may end up dealing with the repercussions for years. Injuries do not always have a cut-and-dried healing process, nor do they always heal properly. 

It is often hard to predict the healing process of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Because of that, you may find some of the potential impacts hard to predict, including alterations to your personality. 

How the brain controls personality

Mayo Clinic examines the impact of traumatic brain injuries on victims like yourself. Personality changes may be one of them. But what exactly does a personality change mean in this context? How does a TBI alter your personality? 

Simply put, different areas of your brain impact and control different aspects of your personality. For example, the frontal lobe controls impulse. This area of the brain is what makes you think twice before doing something that might get you injured. It also controls your emotional reactions and ability to process external stimulus. 

Rash behavior and temper outbursts common in TBI victims

When your frontal lobe suffers injury, you become less capable of controlling your impulses. This can lead to rash and reckless behavior. You may also experience temper outbursts and an inability to control your anger. If you did not have issues with anger before, this is often very disturbing and frightening for yourself and your loved ones to witness. 

Damage to the brain may also result in a loss of coping mechanisms. You may be more prone to emotional outbursts and less capable of handling stressful situations. This may cause you to shut down or have breakdowns and temper tantrums. Again, this is often difficult for your loved ones to witness. It makes recovery harder for you to get through, too.