Work-related fatigue and bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents occur for many different reasons and there are different hazards you need to watch out for if you enjoy riding a bike, from drunk drivers who fail to pay attention to other people on the road to poor visibility as a result of fog. However, work-related fatigue is another risk factor that bicyclists and drivers need to recognize.

From a demanding week at work to poor sleep, high levels of stress and speeding as a result of running late, there are many ways in which issues involving one’s job can increase the odds of a bicycle accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 857 people died due to bicycle accidents in 2018.

Looking at how drivers become fatigued due to work

It is imperative for drivers to carefully observe their mental and physical state before operating a vehicle. Sometimes, drivers push themselves to drive even though they are too tired to stay safe on the road. Whether someone has an especially demanding day or a driver is struggling with long-term sleep problems as a result of their job, job-related fatigue occurs for various reasons and has the potential to cause a devastating collision.

Looking at the impact of a bike accident

When a bicycle accident occurs, victims often struggle with a variety of hardships. If you were hit by a driver who was speeding or fell asleep behind the wheel, you likely have multiple challenges to battle. From physical pain and immobility to emotional distress and financial problems, these accidents result in many different hardships and you need to stand up for your legal rights if a driver’s negligence led to a wreck.