How do you pack for a child custody transition?

After your divorce concludes, sharing custody of your children with your ex-spouse may be in everyone’s interests. In fact, many child psychologists believe that in low-conflict divorces joint custody, despite having some drawbacks, is often better for the kids than sole custody.

Low-stress custody transitions are critical components of any successful co-parenting arrangement. Your custody transition is when you meet with your ex-spouse to exchange the kids at the beginnings and ends of your regular parenting time. Packing is part of a low-stress custody transition.

Why should you pack for the custody transition?

Packing for a custody transition accomplishes two important objectives.

First, you ensure your children are ready for the exchange. Because leaving a necessary or treasured item behind may be emotionally damaging to your children, you want them to have everything they need when they leave your home.

Likewise, you probably do not want to irritate your ex-spouse needlessly. If you send your kids to their co-parent’s house without essential items, your former husband or wife may have grounds to start a fight with you.

What should you pack for the custody transition?

It usually makes good sense to keep a separate set of certain items at both your home and your ex-spouse’s. Pajamas, toothbrushes and medication fall into this category.

Some things, though, your kids simply must take with them when they go to their other parent’s house. These likely include homework, security blankets, stuffed animals and other treasures.

When should you pack for the custody transition?

Leaving your packing to the last minute may be a recipe for disaster. After all, if you rush through packing, you may leave something behind or arrive late to the custody transition.

Packing the night before gives you enough time to conduct an inventory and locate missing items.