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Helping you resolve family law matters

Working through a family law matter is anything but easy. Many emotions are at play when parents in Connecticut must decide child custody and support matters. Even when these issues are established in a court order, they can be revisited when circumstances change. While this can be handled smoothly in some situations, others can lead to disputes. Thus, it is important to understand how parents can best handle these matters to reach an amicable resolution.

The child custody process may bring up many questions for parents

"Co-parenting" is a term often coined when a child's parents are making decisions about their well-being from separate households. It is possible to co-parent efficiently and with the best interests of the child in mind. A child custody agreement can help to make this possible. There are a few things to consider when you are going through the custody process for the first time.

Can you move out of Connecticut with your child post-divorce?

When parents in Connecticut divorce, they will establish a child custody and visitation plan, with the aim of allowing the child to spend meaningful time with each parent. However, life is ever-changing and sometimes a custodial parent will want to move away with the child. For example, the custodial parent may get a better job in another area of Connecticut or even out-of-state. Or, the custodial parent might want to relocate to be closer to family. It is important to understand what is required of parents who want to relocate with their child.

What happens to credit card debt in a Connecticut divorce?

Most people in Connecticut going through the divorce process understand that they'll have to divide their property. They will have to decide what to do with the family home and who will get the furniture, electronics, jewelry and other assets accumulated during their marriage. However, what they may not initially realize is that they will also have to divide their debts.

What factors will a Connecticut court consider in alimony cases?

When spouses in Connecticut divorce, they might not initially be on equal financial footing. This may especially be true if one spouse earns significantly more than the other or if one spouse stayed out of the workforce entirely to care for the family during the marriage. Therefore, the lesser-earning spouse may want to seek alimony -- also known as spousal support -- from his or her ex.

How can Connecticut parents modify a holiday parenting plan?

The winter holidays are here, and it is a time of celebration for many Connecticut parents and children. However, if a child's parents are divorced, navigating the holidays can be challenging. Thus, it might be a good time to blow the dust off your parenting plan and review it, ensuring it still meets your needs as your co-parent with your ex this holiday season.

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