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Fighting For You After A Truck Accident

Sharing the roads of Connecticut with large trucks can be intimidating, as their size means the smallest mistake can have catastrophic effects. Truck companies have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are following all safety guidelines and operating these massive machines in a safe manner. The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, believes that companies need to be held accountable when they violate this responsibility.

If you’ve been hit by a truck, you need an experienced attorney. Commercial drivers have commercial insurance that may aggressively challenge all aspects of your claim. Our office has been helping people file claims against commercial insurance companies since 1990 in Stamford and throughout Connecticut. We know the ins and outs of what can be an intimidating process following a truck accident.

Dedicated Representation From The Start

Too often, attorneys will offer their services but only help you through one part of your case — namely, the settlement. The lawyers at The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, can help you throughout the entire process:

  • We can help you choose trusted professionals to help resolve your trucking injury claim.
  • Our attorneys will work with the insurance company to procure a rental car if yours is unusable.
  • If you can’t make it to our office, we will come to you.
  • We will fight until you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our firm is there for you from the first day until the end result. We know how much an accident with commercial vehicles can upend your daily routine, and we work hard to get you back to it as soon as possible.

A Personal Approach To Complex Cases

The attorneys at The Pickel Law Firm, LLC, offer what some other firms cannot or will not provide: truly personal service. You will always know your attorneys, and they will do their best to ensure you fully understand the aspects of your case before taking any action.

From your free initial consultation for personal injury matters onward, you will always work closely with your lawyer. We know how confusing the legal process can be and will keep you as informed as you’d like to be. Our firm prides itself on offering realistic assessments in all cases. We won’t promise anything we cannot deliver.

Call us today at 203-348-4100 or send us an email to schedule your free personal injury consultation. Let us get to work helping you get back to your life. Hablamos español.

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